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What is Vegan or Not?

There is a debate on which foods or drinks are considered vegan or not. The debates surrounds some foods and beverages like:

a. Is Wine vegan?

If you are a wine enthusiast and you still happen to be a vegan, you are probably asking yourself if wine is a proper drink to have given your vegan diet.

Wine is naturally made of fermented grapes. Though the process of wine brewing is additive free, the process of fining wine uses fining agents like casein which is a milk protein, albumin which are egg whites and gelatin. These elements may not be absorbed in the wine but some believe that some traces can remain in the wine. As such, the wine may be suitable for vegetarians but not so much for vegans.

Fortunately, wine processing factories have become more aware about veganism and have then started introducing natural methods of processing wine and fining wine without using animal products. As an alternative, the factories use magnets to collect the protein molecules in the wine and others will allow the wine to settle and stabilize by itself. However, that does not mean that you should go looking for labels that indicate whether the wine is vegan or not since not all companies put labels to say that the wine is for vegans or not. Rather, you must inquire from the seller or knowledgeable wine stockists who can tell you which brands are wholly vegan.

Here you will find several recommended vegan wines: https://veganbible.org/is-wine-vegan-or-not-find-out/.

b. Are Avocados vegan?

There has been an ongoing debate on whether avocados are vegan or not. The debate is based on the pollination process for the production of avocados. Those who postulate the notion that avocados are not vegan give the reason as commercial beekeeping which is a form of animal cruelty that vegans don’t stand for. However, defining a plant as non-vegan because of pollination by bees would mean that a vegan would have very limited food sources. Almost every food including beans, tomatoes, apples, broccoli, melons and many more are also pollinated by bees bred for commercial purposes. So a vegan must do his or her best according to what’s practical and possible. Therefore, avocados can be considered as vegan.

c. Are Ramen noodles vegan?

The Top Ramen brand Oriental flavor has no animal ingredients making it vegan-friendly. You can stock up this brand of noodles if you are a vegan.

d. Are Pretzels vegan?

Pretzels can be described as vegan snacks. However, there are some producers use margarine or butter in their dough. So if you are a strict vegan, you should ask about the ingredients before eating them.

e. Is Breast milk vegan?

Many vegan moms support breastfeeding their children even though it may not be termed as vegan. This is because moms are animals and vegans should not take any ‘animal’ products. However, breastfeeding in no way harms the baby or the mother and it is not inhumane. Withholding breast milk from a baby puts them at risk of starvation and sickness.

When determining whether a food is vegan or not, you must look at what is best for your health. The whole purpose of a vegan diet is to improve your health. It is up to you to decide.

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