Veganism Revolution -
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Veganism Revolution

When we talk of Veganism we simply mean implacable vegetarians who consume no animal food and dairy products. Vegans also refrain the use of any of the animal products such as shoes and clothing. They often refer animal food and products as a habitual irritation that does not portray morality. Persy Byshe Shelly would say, “It is only by softening and disguising dead flesh by culinary preparation that is rendered susceptible for mastication/digestion and that the sight of its bloody juices and raw horror does not excite intolerable loathing and disgust,” to show his disgust for meat and his advocacy for Veganism.

Over the years there has been altercations regarding the diet within the public sphere among the faithful supporters and the mass of people questioning and deprecating its importance. The faithful regarding the controversies as the masses inept understanding of the diet and the masses regarding it as the Faithfull’s lack of proper knowledge of food dietary.

History Of Veganism

Vegetarianism has been in the society for thousands of years, tracing its origin in the Indian subcontinent at least 8000 years ago amongst the people of the Indus valley civilization. The spread of vegetarianism is well known to have been a world war tough kind of journey. It took the struggle of a couple of selfless individuals for the vegetarian to be recognized and accepted by the society. One of the leading pioneers was Mahatma Gandhi who spoke at the London vegetarian society in 1931 advocating for his non-dairy lifestyle. Such a high profile support emboldened the vegetarian society who saw themselves as minority in the society.

February, 1944 saw some enthusiastic individuals such as Donald Watson coming together in England to form the first vegan society. In the meeting the word vegetarian was coined to vegan as a symbol of the transitioning community. Many humanitarians from other lands joined the society, bringing in ideas and knowledge gained through personal experience as vegetarians. The movement also saw some setbacks with some of the pioneers developing symptoms of diet deficiencies and others suffering physically and socially.

The vegan movement saw the formation of many other vegan societies thereafter. In 1960, the American vegan society was formed in Malaga and New Jersey that included a smaller group that had been formed earlier on in 1948. Another new vegan organization formed was the Indian vegan society that had been formed earlier on before the American Vegan Society in 1957.

The Revolution

Veganism has now become a revolution, with many people joining the religion. It is the direct result of the Veganism movement frontiers that has seen many people embracing the culture without living in fear of being accepted as normal citizens. The significant increase in the word vegan can be well accounted for the rapid expansion of vegan websites, that has led to an increasing market of vegan books like recipes approximated to be millions globally. The number of vegans has also increased tremendously, accounting to millions of people around the globe even celebrities such as Mike Tyson and many others in the spotlight.