Vegan Junk Food -
Check out some of these accidentally vegan junk foods. I’m sure you will find something that you will enjoy snacking on the days when all you can think about is junk food.
Vegan Junk Food
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vegan junk food

Vegan Junk Food

Just because you’ve decided to go vegan, doesn’t mean that you will automatically lose your craving for junk food. I had a difficult time making the transition to vegan because I love junk food but being vegan meant I had to give up the junk food I was used to; heavy on dairy, egg and other animal products. Then I discovered that there is a lot of junk food that might be what we can call ‘accidentally vegan’. They contain no dairy, egg or any animal product in them and they are yummy!

Check out some of these accidentally vegan junk foods. I’m sure you will find something that you will enjoy snacking on the days when all you can think about is junk food.

  1. Bac’n pieces

These are red granules with a smoked bacon flavor and can be added to other foods or better yet, taken on their own. They are one of food science’s marvels because as much as they taste like bacon, they do not contain any animal by-product.

  1. Spicy sweet chili Doritos

Doritos come in many flavors and most such as the Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors contain whey. The Spicy Sweet Chili variety, however, is dairy free, plant-based, and zestier for anyone who appreciates spicy sweetness.

  1. Fritos

Fritos come in many flavors and some of them have ‘natural flavorings’ indicated on the ingredients list. The term natural flavorings could mean anything such as some of the ingredients have dairy or other animals by-products. So to be 100% sure your Fritos are vegan, buy the Original Fritos. They are purely made of corn oil, corn, and salt making them a perfect snack for vegans. And they are yummy too!

  1. Lay’s Classic (potato chips)

Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the greasy mush from salty potato chips. There are many other flavors so to be sure you’re taking vegan, stick to Lay’s classic salted potato chips.

  1. Maple bacon kettle chips

Bacon for a vegan snack? Well, these chips don’t contain any bacon but are predominantly made from salt, smoke flavor, and paprika. Vegans across board accept that they are acceptable to eat including PETA editors so you can be sure it’s safe to indulge.

  1. Oreos

While Oreos are promoted as a cookie best taken with milk, they actually don’t contain any dairy products. Who would have thought that an Oreo is perfect junk food for a vegan? I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is and I hope you are too.

  1. Ritz crackers

Ritz crackers have a heavy buttery taste but guess what? They are 100% butter-free. Enjoy them with vegan cheeses, budget meat, or any other vegan topping such as Bac’n pieces and peanut butter.

  1. Thin Mints

These minty delights are a seasonal favorite. No matter how you choose to eat them, they are always a welcome snack. Some versions of peanut butter and lemonade are also vegan but make sure you get them only from ABC Bakers and that they are marked as such.

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