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vegan fashion

Vegan Fashion Is Amazing

Vegan Fashion

Being a vegan is not just about what goes into your body. Vegans also consider what goes into their bodies and this is where vegan fashion comes in. The vegan fashion industry focuses on producing and advocating items that are animal free. They provide an alternative to leather, fur, pearls, suede, wool and silk and these alternatives are affordable and trendy.

Vegans no longer have to worry about wearing swanky clothes and shoes that are drab and outright boring. Today, vegan fashion is so amazing and it appeals to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Getting A Vegan Look

If you want to go vegan fashion, look for items that contain the Vegan Trademark. This is the international symbol that denotes no animal products were used in the making of an item and that no animals were tested during the making of that item. A quick google search on vegan trademarked goods should help you find the ideal vegan look you’re looking for.

Is Vegan Fashion Easy To Find & Affordable?

Just like with regular fashion, vegan fashion has a range of alternative traversing from one spectrum of affordability to the next. In fact, because the alternatives used are cheaper to produce, most vegan fashion products are very affordable. Unfortunately not all vegan fashion producers have registered their products with the Vegan Trademark so on your own you might not be able to tell which products are 100% vegan.

Where To Start?

Let’s face it. We don’t all know where to find incredible vegan fashion so if you’re new to this, there are several brands that offer international shipping and they include:

  • Asos-has a combination of both animal derived and purely vegan options. Simply confirm before making your purchase.
  • Braintree Clothing- this company is from Sydney, Australia and they make clothing using sustainable natural fibers. Their vegan items are clearly labeled as such.
  • Beyond skin- this is a UK company that makes vegan shoes.
  • Ethical Wares- the company is run by vegans who sell a wide range of clothes and footwear.
  • Bourgeois Boheme- this UK company makes haute couture shoes that are purely vegan.
  • H&M- They make affordable fashionable options that are derived from non-animals products
  • Etsy- have a wide array of vegan-friendly beauty products and clothing as well.
  • Herbivore Clothing- based in the US, it’s a vegan clothing online store.
  • Phloem- it’s an online marketplace for some of the most amazing vegan footwear, clothes and accessories you will ever come by.
  • People Tree- this is an internationally centered fair trade store that sells loads of vegan-friendly clothes.
  • Dharma store- is a store that sells vegan clothing and accessories while pushing the vegan agenda.
  • The secret society of vegans- the UK based company makes vegan-friendly t-shirts and accessories.
  • Rawganique- this Canadian based stored makes vegan-friendly clothes from hemp.
  • The Compassionate closet- the US-based store makes clothes, shoes, and accessories that are vegan-friendly.

We hope this list will help you on your journey to becoming a vegan fashionista.

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