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Vegan Beauty Must-Haves

Veganism has blown out over the recent years.  Most superstars have started living the vegan way for fun. You won’t be shocked by the rate at which supermarkets and shops have begun to keep vegan products. Surprisingly, some beauty products are manufactured with no trace of an animal component. Thus, not only food that can be free of animal products, but you can also look gorgeous and glowing using vegan beauty products.

Vegan beauty products

Its everyone’s desire to have beautiful and healthy-looking skin. One can achieve this by getting right skincare products from the market. It is believed that products formulated using botanical components have no side effects on the skin unless you are sensitive to a specific ingredient. Since you maybe new in the vegan world and have endless questions on what products to start with, here are some beauty products that are free of animal components and good quality too.

Body Lotion

The skin needs to be kept well moisturised to ensure its soft and calm. As a vegan, you can achieve this using Alba Botanica Kukui Nut Body Cream, Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hand and Body and Lotion Cocoa Butter. The cream is formulated with no trace of animal products, and it has nice chocolate fragrance. Also, It is creamy and well suited for summer periods. They can all be purchased at Amazon, Alba Botanica and iHerb. 


Well taken care of skin is usually smooth, spotless and very soft. It makes you more confident and beautiful. There are several skincare products that are purely botanical and offer good care to your skin. Essano Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser is a facial cleanser that will aid in clearing the stubborn black spots on your skin. It will also aid in removing makeup without leaving the skin dry or affecting your delicate eyes.

As a vegan it’s important to keep the skin well hydrated. You can apply Dr Hauschka Soothing Almond Body Wash which has plant oils that moisturize the skin. Botanicals Nourish Facial Oil made leaves you with a heavenly smell. Apply it before going to bed to boost the hydration level in your skin.

Vegan make-up

Everybody wants to step out looking and feeling more beautiful than ever.  For a good foundation use Kat Von D Lock It Foundation which will give you 24-hour protection. It doesn’t cause any skin irritation and is good for both night and day.  WunderBrow 1-Step Brow Gel can help in working on your eyebrows. It is a vegan product that is easy to use since it has a simple mascara wand to use.  You will only need few seconds to whip and make your eyebrows go vegan.

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We have various vegan lipsticks that are affordable and of good quality. Wet n Wilds Mega Last Lip Color has various shades that leave your lips glowing with beauty.  Also, Lime Crime Velvetines is a liquid lipstick that has a sweet smell and lasts all day making you feel incredible.

The beauty industry has grown immensely, and the vegans have not been left out. There are so many vegan beauty products on the market, and it is always advisable to research and ensure its animal component free as stated by the manufacturer. The vegan beauty products are made of active ingredients that keep the skin fresh, beautiful and well moisturized.

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