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Top 10 Yummy Protein Shakes

You do not have to be monotonous in your choice of protein shakes just because you’ve decided to go vegan. “How do you make flavorsome shakes”? We have compiled a list of tasty yet nutritional vegan protein shakes and smoothies.

Protein helps the body repairs itself, grow and maintain muscle tissue and can be taken at any time of the day. A sweet treat of plant milk such as soy milk, coconut milk, and almond milk are great substitutes for dairy milk as it is the key ingredient in veggie-centric protein shakes.

Nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, are packed with protein, fat and fiber ideal for weight loss routines. Not only will you get high on hemp seeds, but also enriches the flavor of your shake. Chia seeds come in handy too.

Here are 9 Plant-Based Foods High In Protein

Prime List of Protein Shakes

1. My Protein Vegan Blend

It contains 22g of protein per serving. Its chocolate flavor fuses well with brown rice, pea, and hemp which are ideal for muscle building.

2. Planet Organic

Brown rice, pea and hemp protein are its key ingredients. It contains 30 g per protein serving and 2g of carbs. It possesses a delightful peanut-cocoa flavor which blends well with almond milk or with just water.

3. Plant Organic Puriton Chocolate

It contains a pleasant chocolate flavor mixed with hemp, linseed, chia, sunflower kernels, pumpkin, and sesame seeds. Its nutritional value is 14.2g of protein per portion.

4. Vega clean protein chocolate

The protein level is packed with alfalfa, pea, hemp, and pumpkin adding up to 2g of each protein portion. It makes a tasty shake due to its healthy chocolate-milkshake flavor especially when mixed with almond milk.

5. Liberto Organic Dark with Sour Cherry and Chocolate

Vegans love the sound of an organic protein shake enriched with sour cherry and chocolate. It not only tops in the nutritional scale of 20 g per serving but also tastes tantalizing in a fruity granola.

6. Arbonne Essentials Vanilla Flavored

Saying goodbye to clotting is every vegan’s dream. It mixes well with water and the sugar-based vanilla flavor adds more wonder to it. Its protein content is 20g per serving because of cranberry, pea, and rice. It is also filled with vitamin D, B-12, and calcium.

7. Zaggora Protein Smoothie

It has a neutral flavor with a hint of vanilla and mixes well with water. It is a promoter of a healthy gut and vitamin B complex which reduces fatigue. Chromium helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

8. Bio-synergy Lean and Green Mint Chocolate

It has a complex protein profile of 21g per serving consisting of rice and buckwheat. The mint-chocolate combination makes it smell fantastic too.

9. Nutri Strength Pea Protein

Enjoy a nutritional heavenly shake with a promise of low fat and carbs. Its protein content per serving is 21g. It brings out the cocoa flavor when mixed with Oat milk.

10. The Slender Blend

It has a nutritional value of 28g of protein, has a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and low-fat levels.

With the right protein shakes, going vegan is interesting and fun.