Top 10 Vegan Cities In The World In 2018 -
These cities are in line with a healthy lifestyle and earthly life when going the vegan lifestyle. On a trip to any cities, you will have a good experience.
Top 10 Vegan Cities In The World In 2018, vegan cities, best vegan cities
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Top 10 Vegan Cities In The World In 2018

Top 10 Vegan Cities In The World In 2018

The vegan lifestyle is very popular in the recent years. The use of animal products, diet is a healthy, fun filled lifestyle. In this 2018 several cities have established themselves, investing in great restaurants, well-parked marketplace and cost effectiveness of vegetarian food. Others have had massive support from political leaders to activists influencing on saving the animals the agony and taking charge of their health.

1. London, UK

Donald Waltson native home is in England, London, where vegan lifestyle is massive and well celebrated. The ancient fully vegan restaurant called Manna and the popular Mildreds, which is busy and authentic in great desserts. The popular vegan social meet up in London, also frequent vegan events weekly.

2. Los Angeles

Most vegan celebs refer Los Angeles as the vegan haven. Restaurant like Crosslands where you will find the vegan celebs hang out. In Plant Food+wine you will find most locally sourced dishes. For drinks bistro extracted from plants at Sage’s will quench.

3. San Fransisco

With the 1st world pure vegan burger point in San Fransisco, you don’t doubt the vegan atmosphere here. This vegan-friendly city you can find vegan meals at the vendors’ machine.  The vegan lifestyle is popular here.

4. Miami

In this magical city, a visit is not complete without the exception of vegan meals at the Plant Miami. In Miami for choosy eaters, they are sorted at Choice Cafe where they offer plenty of selective dishes.

5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The mushrooming of vegan restaurants in the last 12 months made Amsterdam top in the vegan cities. The social media popularity of the city boosts the vegan lifestyle.

6. Cleveland

The famous Pierogis city tops in vegan cities after the vegan meals and bakeries turn out to be more popular. All imaginable vegan cake flavors can be found at The Cute Little Cake Shop. 

7. Madrid, Spain

Vegans treasure Madrid city for its authentic plant desserts like the pumpkin quiche from the La Collectiva. B13 an all-vegan bar is also a pursuit for vegan. You can get Tortilla (vegan potato and egg omelette) at Distrito Vegan.

8. Omaha, Nebraska

This the first time the most vegan restaurants in Nebraska have gone viral in social media. After the vegan hot dog stand at the Modern Love entrance. The Fauxmaha Hot dogs make Omaha a vegan friendly place to be. The plenty vegan restaurants sprouting in Omaha got the city in the 2018 top list.

9. Mexico City, Mexico

The animal-friendly regulations have contributed to switching to the vegan lifestyle. The event of the Minding Animal International Conference draws crowds to interest in living healthy and minding animal welfare.

10. Turin, Italy

The Italy governments’ move to bring out vegan lifestyle better is at stake with the governor announcing plans to make it Vegetarian City. The popular Meat-Free Monday and plenty of vegan restaurants and bar sprouting out.

In conclusion, the above cities are in line with a healthy lifestyle and earthly life when going the vegan lifestyle. On a trip to any cities, you will have a good experience.

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