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vegan butcher

The Vegan Butcher

Vegan Butcher

When the word butcher comes to mind I think meat. Most of us do so vegan butcher is rather oxymoronic but it’s actually a thing today. Vegan butchers are spreading like bushfire opening shops that offer animal-free meat alternatives. There are many thriving vegan butcher shops in America today, mostly in the hipster haven like North Carolina, Asheville, Brooklyn, Berkeley, and California. These shops have proven that you don’t have to kill a pig to enjoy some bacon.

Plant-based butchers also known as vegan butchers make delicious meats from plants. That sounds oxymoronic again right? Well, what they do is that they use plants to make alternatives to meat that have the look, feel, and taste of the meat products and derivatives while containing none of it.

Why would they choose to do that? First, vegan options is a healthier option. Secondly, these butchers are against the killing and abuse of animals. The realization of how dangerous the effects of meat are to one’s body and the environment is another reason why vegan butchers choose to make a difference.

Vegetarian butchers provide an endless array of meatless fish and meat, which looks and tastes so much like the real deal it would be impossible for most to distinguish the two. These products can be found in plant butchers and restaurants in 13 countries around the world. Some of the popular places where you’ll find vegan butchers include China, Switzerland, Leeds in Britain. Britain is, in fact, experiencing a huge increase in the number of vegetarians and vegans and therefore demand for vegan butchers is extremely high.

You might think that mock meat is a new concept but you’ll be surprised to learn that in 1960’s there were patties made from wheat glutted and soy-based protein. It had a vague taste of meat and spongy texture. Today, however, the engineering of mock meat has gone a higher notch. Experts are now able to make meatless meats from not just soy and gluten but lupins, peas, rice, chickpeas, canola, maize, bacteria, fungi, to mimic the juiciness and fibrous real taste of meat.

Research has shown that reducing the amount of meat you eat can help improve your health and contribute to conserving the environment. The choice to go vegan is logical and having these tasty meatless means that you can do so without compromising your taste buds.

Some, however, argue that creating meat substitutes waters down the significance of being vegan. That true vegans appreciate and celebrate authentic vegetables in their natural taste. This, however, is a different debate altogether.

For meat lovers trying to wean out meat from their diet, this alternative can be a great way to getting them started into their new life as vegans. It is not easy to change one’s eating habits and some enticement will not hurt. In addition, products made by vegan butchers are 100% plant-based so although they look and taste like the meat options, I take comfort in know they don’t contain any meat and I can, therefore, enjoy them with a clean conscience, and get the health benefits that come with it.

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