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The Pros and Cons of the KFC Vegan Burger

Everybody is embracing a vegan diet today. Fast food restaurants are cashing in on these new lifestyles changes to introduce vegan foods that appeal to customers. One such fast food chain that is trying to give vegans tasty food options is KFC. In recent developments the fast food giant launched a trail of a vegan sandwich. The sandwich was named ‘The Imposter’. In just four days of its introduction, the sandwich had already sold out.

The Imposter

This KFC vegan ‘chicken’ burger features Quorn fillet. It is coated with the Original Recipe herbs and spices. It has some lettuce in there and some vegan mayo in a soft-glazed bun. This vegan burger was created with vegans and meat-eaters in mind.

The vegan burger was welcomed with excitement from some vegans who described it as game changing. The vegan is expected to be a major hot with vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. It is projected that the numbers of The Imposter fans will skyrocket with its re-introduction. Nevertheless, you cannot miss a few people who don’t appreciate the burger as much as the other do.

The pros of the KFC burger

The vegan burger accommodates both the vegetarian and the meat-lover which strikes a balance between the different groups. This means that it is palatable to almost everyone. No wonder it sold out in the first few days.

Secondly, the burger is available in different options. It is available as a salad and wrap and also as a burger. This gives customers a variety of options to choose from. If you don’t want the burger, you can go for the salad and wrap.

The cons of the KFC burger

Well, the vegan burger has two shortcomings according to those who have had a taste of it. For starters, the burger is loaded with oil so it is expected to be greasy. However, those who have enjoyed the burger say that eating it does not make it feel unhealthy at all. As a matter of fact, you cannot tell if it is unhealthy or not. But the fact that it is loaded with oil may not still sit well with some vegans who would not want to eat greasy foods. For them, having the burger may make them a little sickly.

The other con of the burger is unrelated to the burger but concerns the food chain itself. Every year, KFC slaughters chicken to be enjoyed by its customers. Chicken is a significant element in KFC recipes. So many vegans have boycotted the vegan burger on this grounds. According to them, having a vegan option does not make KFC any less culpable of animal cruelty for the thousands of chicken it slaughters in a year. In the opinion of some vegans, buying the vegan burger is still paying to hurt chickens.

KFC is just one among many fast food chains that are trying to accommodate the palate of vegans. Some appreciate the burger while other vegans still hate the chain in the same measure. Whether it is a marketing ploy or not, you should try The Imposter for yourself and then make your own decision.

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