The Best Vegan Cheeses That Will Make You Quit Dairy Forever -
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vegan cheese

The Best Vegan Cheeses That Will Make You Quit Dairy Forever

I Am A Vegan, Can I Eat Cheese? Find Out The Best Vegan Cheeses That Will Make You Quit Dairy Forever

It is true that a vegan refrains from eating any animal product. Many people believe that all cheeses are made from dairy products but that is not true. Did you know that there are plenty choices of cheeses not made from animal products? Of course you may not find them on many menus, but be sure that vegan cheeses are there. Just ask and you will find a whole world of rich, creamy and delicious vegan cheeses that meets your taste buds. So if you are asking if you can be a vegan and still enjoy eating cheeses, the answer is yes.

Vegan cheese has never been this rich, creamy and delicious. Here’s 5 best vegan cheeses for you.

Dairy-Free Parmesan Alternative

This is a great product from Angel food and you can freely use it as a rich alternative to the powdered parmesan. Dairy-free Parmesan is made from coconut powder, sunflower oil, white pepper and a selected variety of natural and dairy-free ingredients. It’s one of the best vegan cheeses that lifts my taste on mashed potatoes, beans, toast or even on my favourite sliced fresh tomatoes. I enjoy using it on Risotto balls and cheesy kales chips and many more healthy vegan recipes.

Mozzarella Style -Shreds cheese

It’s just like the regular Mozzarella cheese only that this one is dairy-free. It’s a very delicious and yummy cheese that shreds, melts and stretches like any other cheeses, actually you can’t tell the difference from afar. It’s the most ideal cheese for pasta and pizza, very natural and nutritious. I love it too.

My Life Bio Cheese

Vegans belief in less dairy-more life! My life bio cheese is a wholesome, natural, nutritious and healthy dairy-free cheese that tastes great. Use it on your favourite foods, pizzas, sandwiches and toasties. It’s an easy melt, vegan friendly, vegetarian, gluten free, soya free and no GMO cheese suitable for every member of the family.

Cashew Brie

Cashew brie is a party, nutty, fruity and sweet soft cheese that will definitely make you quit dairy forever. It’s a perfect choice cheese you can do with your favourite toppings, especially black berries and fresh thyme. Serve it with fresh baguette or chocolate and enjoy a finger licking meal.

Raw Cashew Almond Cheese

This is a dairy-free, soft and easy to spread cheese perfect for parties. Its natural, nutritiousThis is what id do while with my kids at home. I coat my cheese well and give time to set, then I go ahead and celebrate with them.

Aquafaba Mozzarella Cheese

Aquafaba Mozzarella is naturally one of the most delicious cheeses you have ever tasted. You simply mix cashews with aquafaba then do some flavoring. Use it on pizza, caprese salads then with a glass of wine, dance your style.

Potatoes And Carrot Cheese

Did you know that potatoes can make a perfect dairy-free cheese? Use carrots and base of your potatoes, along with natural yeast, garlic powder, onion powder and oregano to make a potatoes and carrot cheese at home. No nuts so good for you if you are allergic to nuts.

There’s More,  Just For You!

When it comes to making your choice for the best vegan cheeses, just be creative and enjoy a wholesome, creamy, yummy and delicious cheese ever that will make you quit dairy for life. There’s more for you than you can simply imagine.