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Let’s be candid. It is not easy to navigate through a vegan lifestyle. The vegan world can be complicated. If you have noticed, animal-based ingredients are commonplace in nearly everything and sometimes this may not be clear on the label. Therefore, decoding what is vegan...

Did you know that there are better and healthier alternatives to those packets of store bought candy corn? Well, it is quite possible to make your own vegan candy corn which is 100% vegan. The vegan candy corn is mainly made from brown rice syrup...

Slutty Vegan does not sound like a name that one would give to a business that they expect to excel. But this was Pinky Cole’s idea and she went for it. Since opening up her Slutty Vegan restaurant, the name has actually proved to be...

Vegan comfort food is ideal especially during the rainy cold seasons. It is ideal after a rough, day or after going through a difficult patch. Nothing makes you feel better than some well-done comfort food. Vegans get to indulge in comfort foods without compromising the...