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Will I Am vgang

Recent Vegan Convert Will.I.Am

Recent Vegan Convert Will.I.Am

William James Adams, popularly known by his stage name, of the Black Eyed Peas band, recently transitioned into veganism, what he refers to as the ‘V Gang’. While William is not the first celebrity to transition into veganism, his conversion raised a lot of interest because he was seemingly healthy and of normal weight.

In several interviews, noted that he was tired of being ‘pimped’ by food companies. He expressed frustration with eating fast food which he termed as bad and poisonous and waking up in the morning feeling bad. He worried that if things didn’t change, he would end up a diabetic all because of unhealthy food choices. Although some of his friends have taunted his decision to change, Will is unrelenting and focused on sticking to his new lifestyle.

In an interview he noted with frustration how people are sometimes proud to embody expletives like hurting people, killing and disrespecting women but it comes to advocating for eating rights, one gets laughed at. He is urging his fans to keep him accountable for his new lifestyle stating that should they meet him out and about, to tap him on his should and say V gang.

William James Adams has now joined the list of celebrities such as singer Ne-Yo, Laverne Cox from Orange is the New Black Series and Craig Robinson from Office Star, all of whom are outspoken vegans.

Within a month after changing his diet, Will lost a stone but this decision didn’t come easily. His fear for his health was the main reason for the drastic change in diet. The 42-year-old ‘The Voice’  judge took a trip to the doctors after filming the show’s auditions. He had been battling a cough that he couldn’t kick. From the Doctor’s visit, he found out that his cholesterol was high and he had high blood pressure. He realized that this was attributed to his busy work schedule and lifestyle. Working and traveling all the time meant that he ate what he could on the go and often these were unhealthy fast foods.

After that visit, reality dawned on him and he made a decision to change not just his diet but the lifestyle. He started biking to work, joined the gym, and even started jogging. When he started biking to work he lost 15 pounds. He tries to run between two and five miles every day depending on how much free time he has. Working out as a celebrity hasn’t been easy for him because as much as he tried disguising with a hood and cap, people still get to recognize him.

Cross training at the gym has been crucial in helping with his weight loss, fitness and breathing. As a singer, breathing is crucial because it affects the voice. I guess we expect to hear some great new music from the new healthier and fitter or at least I hope we do.

The world is beginning to appreciate the benefits that come with being a vegan and who knows, maybe in another five to ten years, vegans will be a majority and wouldn’t that be splendid.

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