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McDonalds Vegan Burger

McDonalds Vegan Burger

McDonalds is a franchise that has for decades grown to be one of most people’s favorite fast food joint. They have a wide range of burger to offer their customers and they too could not ignore the growing vegan population. They have introduced the McDonalds Vegan burger making vegans across the world very happy people.

Dubbed the McVeggie burger, this burger patty is delicately made from an assortment of vegetables and service with a special sauce and crisp lettuce. It is guaranteed to leave you fulfilled and light. It comes with a serving of fries and a soft drink.


  1. 5 inch bun

This bun contains yeast, sugar, gluten, vegetable fat, soya flour, wheat flours, emulsifier, Thickening agent, preseservative, enzymes, salt, anti-oxidants and sesame seeds.

The buns come in a wide range of variety so if you’re not a fun of sesame seeds don’t fret. Just let the attendant know while making your order. McDonalds ensure that they track the products expiry date so you don’t have to stress about getting a stale bun.

  1. Vegetable patty

The delicious vegetable party is made up of carrots, onions, peas, potato, green beans, wheat flour (gluten), rice, red pepper, maize flour, water, palm oil and spices.

  1. Shredded lettuce
  2. Onions
  3. Tomato

It’s important for people with allergies to note that it contains two allergens namely wheat (gluten) and soya.

How It Is Prepared

One of the biggest concerns for first food restaurants and their customers is hygiene. McDonalds has strict protocols where this is concerned and they have extended this in the preparation of the McVeggie burger. All cooking equipment including utensils and trays are washed in hot water before being rinsed using a nozzle and sanitized then air-dried.

Crew handling food use an automatic kitchen timer which prompts them to wash and sanitize their hands every 30 minutes. Vegetables are sensitive because they are eaten raw most of the time and you want to be certain that they have not been contaminated before landing on your plate.

As soon as you place an order, a McDonald’s crew member begins by toasting the bun before adding the fresh ingredients which include the onions, lettuce, pickles and tomato. The veggie patty is then prepared next and finally the sauce. It takes only a couple of minutes to get the burger ready.

Packaging The Burger

If you want to have your McVeggie burger to go, you will have it packed into a 100% recyclable bag and it is always served fresh for each customer.

Fresh Produce Always

One of my favorite things about this particular  veggie burger is how fresh the produce used is. Although the patty is pre-made shortly before making the burgers, it’s made of fresh ingredients and well preserved. The lettuce is crisp, the onion fresh, and the tomato juicy.


Many vegan restaurants and eating spots make vegan burgers but for a large franchise like McDonalds or KFC to start making one is exciting because it is the beginning of seeing more mainstream businesses acknowledge and start producing foods that are vegan friendly.

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