Is Wine Vegan Or Not? Find Out -
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Is Wine Vegan Or Not? Find Out

Can You Enjoy A Glass Of Wine As A Vegan When You Hang Out With Friends? Is Wine Vegan Or Not? Find Out

Are you a wine enthusiast, and you are wondering whether you can still enjoy some wine when you hang out with friends or when you are alone at home, now that you are a vegan? Is wine vegan or not? And if not, why? Can I get a vegan-friendly wine? Relax. At the end of this article, you’ll have  all these questions answered.

Wine is naturally the fermented grapes. The  process of wine brewing is also a natural procedure with no additives per say. Now, the defining issue sets in when it comes to the point of removing some protein substances produced in the process of brewing. This process of clarifying wine is called ‘fining’. Hoping you are following.

Traditionally, the common fining agents  used were casein (a milk protein), albumin (egg whites) and gelatin. Though they were not to be absorbed in the wine, it is believed that some traces could probably remain making the wine suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. This is now the key defining factor of whether wine is vegan friendly or not.

Can I Share With You The Good News?

Yes, there’s some good news for you. Due to the increasing awareness about veganism, the factories have introduced natural methods of processing wine and fining without using animal products. Some use a magnet to collect all the protein molecules in the wine, while others will allow the wine to settle and stabilize on itself. And that’s why you find a wine labeled ‘not fined’ or ‘not filtered’ such wine is good for you.

How Can I Tell Which Wine Is Vegan Friendly?

As I said earlier in this content, don’t go looking for labels indicating that the wine is good for vegetarians or vegans. Doing research on which wines are vegan friendly may not give results. Why, companies do not put labels to say that the wine is for vegans or not.

It is a good idea to inquire from the seller. In most cases, you will get help from knowledgeable wine stockists who can tell you the brands that are wholly vegan. I did some research, and I came up with a list of the best vegan wines for you.

Best Vegan White And Red Wines For You

Among the recommended wines for vegans is 2009 Bony Doon Ca’ del solo Albarino, Central Coast, 2007 Movia Brda Lunar, Slovenia, 2008 La Colombia Toscano Bianco, Italy and 2009 Damaine de Montrieux, Coteaux du vendomois, Loire among others.

For the recommended red vegan wines, we’ve got 2009 Stellar Organics Cabernet Sauvignon, Western Cape, 2008 Kawarau Estate Pinot Noir 2008, Central Otatago, New Zealand and 2008 Oliver Cousin Anjou Gamay, Loire Valley and many more.  Some of them are 100% organic, some filtered, some are not filtered.

Now, The Choice Is Yours.

You now have a list of trusted brands. These wines are natural, nutritious, healthy and tasty to make all vegans and vegetarians get to know what the planet has for you. They are all plant-based and dairy free. So, you can walk in majestically to the supermarket and pick one for you and one for a friend or loved ones and enjoy together.

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