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Is Cocoa Butter Vegan?

You would be right to think cocoa butter is derived from animal-based butter because it has the word ‘butter’ in its description. It would not be surprising to find vegans who don’t use cocoa butter because they believe that it is non-vegan or dairy-based. The only problem with this notion is that cocoa butter is actually not dairy-based. The assumption that cocoa butter contains milk is not the case. On the contrary, there can be no other vegan food as cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is actually the fat portion of the cocoa bean. It is therefore a completely vegetarian fat source. This fat is what determines the quality of your chocolate, which is just a combination of cocoa butter and cocoa solids like cocoa powder.

Why cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is very versatile. It is used in both consumable and non-consumable products. Given that vegans cannot use any kind of products derived from animals or animal byproducts, cocoa butter is one excellent alternative they have. Cocoa butter can be used in cosmetic and beauty products because it is an excellent moisturizer. Besides moisturizing the skin, cocoa butter can be used on scars and stretch marks because it can help heal the skin. This is such good news because it is an all-natural product that does not put any harsh chemicals on the skin. Due to its healing and moisturizing properties, cocoa butter can be used to burn salve, as a first aid treatment and many other purposes.

Given that cocoa butter is a plant-based fat, it is expected to wonder why some chocolate bars are labeled dairy-free. The reason for this is that many chocolate manufacturers add dairy-derived ingredients like casein, whey, milk solids, milk powder and other products to their chocolate bars. In addition, some companies produce dairy products thus the chocolate bars can have trace amounts of dairy. This is why some bars have ‘dairy-free’ labels to indicate to you that no dairy products were used in the process.

However, the best vegan chocolate is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a guaranteed non-dairy chocolate.

A vegan can comfortably use cocoa butter to cook because it provides the same health benefits as a bar of dark chocolate and it also burns at very high temperature. As a result, it can be used to prepare meat and other dishes on a higher flame without worrying about burning the butter.

Health benefits of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter has similar health benefits to dark chocolate. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, copper and manganese which are important for body functioning. In addition, cocoa butter boosts heart health since it lowers blood pressure. On the other hand, cocoa butter should be used moderately because it is high in fat.

It is safe to say that cocoa butter is very vegan. It is purely plant based and therefore, vegans can enjoy. Don’t let the butter in its name mislead you. It is only a ‘butter’ because it is a fat but it is not animal-based in any way.

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