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If The Vegan Birkenstocks Fits, Wear It!

It would not be overreaching to say that the two most popular shoe brands among vegans are Dr. Martens and Vegan Birkenstocks. Dr. Martens is a British footwear and clothing brand known for its range of products. Dr. Martens is popular for its air-cushioned sole, their upper shape, welted construction and yellow stitching. From British culture to the U.S., these boots are a favorite among many.

Then there are the vegan Birkenstocks which continue to be gain popularity. At first sight, the Birkenstock look like “ugly old man’ shoes. Birkenstocks are a German footwear brand which was founded in 1774. The brand soon made its way to the U.S 50 years later. Birkenstocks are the creators of the “footbed”. They specialize in quality over fashion which has made them infamous for their comfort and look.

Vegan Birkenstocks won the 2016 Vegan Fashion Award. However, that has not stopped many people from seeing the shoes as unattractive to the eye until you get to wear them. The shoes are perfect for anyone who has to work while standing on their feet for long hours. When you have such a job, you need to have shoes that provide comfort and stability. Wearing improper shoes not only hurts your toes but also poses risk to your back and can lead to back pain. So far, vegan Birkenstocks are the shoes that fit the vibe of such a workplace and provide your feet with the comfort and support they are craving.

Why are they referred to as vegan Birkenstocks?

These shoes are made from Birko-Flor as opposed to leather. Birko-Flor is the alternative used by the brand. It is animal cruelty-free and it provides the same results as shoes made from leather.

What is Birko-Flor made of?

Birko-Flor is made of PVC which has been lined on the inside with a layer of soft, breathable fleece. The material used is very high-quality, gentle on the skin, very comfortable and quite durable. The PVC material is also easy to care for and very hygienic.

The insoles are made from EVA which is lined with microfiber. This is a naturally vegan material. It is soft and is capable of retaining shape. This means that your vegan Birkenstocks form to your feet over time.

Vegan Birkenstocks are similar to vegan Dr. Martens in that they are versatile. This should be one of the factors you consider when getting yourself a pair of shoes. You can pair the Birkenstocks with a pair of jeans on a sunny day or a pair of cute socks during winter.

Vegan Birkenstocks will serve you well especially if you are looking for durable sandals that don’t use animal products. A number of shoe sizes have sold out on the Birkenstock website but you can never miss a store that has them stocked up.

Are you all about the vegan lifestyle and animal protection or just looking for some comfortable sandals that are just perfect for your feet? Then, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some Vegan Birkenstocks.

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