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heliconia varieties australia
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heliconia varieties australia

More information Heliconia bihai cv. Heliconia Heaven is a whole sale nursery based on Lamb Island. Heliconia angusta (c), H. rostrata (c), H. pendula (c), H. bihai (c), H. caribaea, H. latispatha, H. psittacorum, H. schiediana, and H. wagneriana. Great cut flower and pot plant. Makes a great pot plant. Flowers are held high above the foliage. We have access to a very wide variety of Heliconias. One of the most impressive heliconias with massive bright red flowers that often get to half a meter long. A relatively small growing heliconia with large bright red flowers. A must have in any tropical garden. A stunning heliconia - great as a landscaping plant or for cut flowers. It can be tough on the cooler climate heliconias in summer (too hot) and tough in the warm climate heliconias in winter (too cold) and strong Westerlies can sometimes seal the coffin so to speak. Heliconia angusta varieties do so in later winter. Fertilise regularly during growth season and keep well mulched. Many species of Heliconia are found in the tropical forests of these regions. It has a tight clumping and upright growth habit with nice clean stems - a truly excellent landscaping plant! Mail Order Plants and Online Nurseries. Growing one of these plants is easy. More cold tolerant than most heliconias. Hailing from tropical America, Heliconias are in the same plant family as bananas and ginger. Great for a splash of colour in the garden - flowers prolifically from Spring right through to late Autumn. A beautiful heliconia with long hanging flowers, bright white stems, and usually quite serrated leaves. A tight clumping heliconia with clean upright foliage. A good cut flower. A great landscaping plant - nice tidy upright growth habit . Amazing flowers; will attract birds and butterflies. A little bit taller growing than the other Psittacorums. Self pollination or pollination by the same species can give you different flowers from the parents, if the species is variable – such as Heliconia bihai, which comes in a wide range of colours from yellow, to deep wine red, and bicolour varieties. Dozens of Heliconias species to choose from. Many other varieties of ginger and bromeliads available too. Requires warm position to thrive. Shade loving and winter flowering heliconia Not as messy as other screening options i.e. The plants are characterized by brightly colored flower bracts and blue fruits. At the other end of the scale are varieties like ‘Richmond Red’ and ‘Barbados Flat’, both reaching up to 5m. Good under-story plant. 49 likes. A beautiful tight clumping, upright heliconia with bright yellow bracts with green tips. Quite a distinct look with the green 'leaf-shaped' tip on the lower bract. An absolutely stunning psittacorum and probably the most colourful out of them all. The flowers are pendulous, bright red and yellow, lasting about a week when cut. Prefers a warm protected position. Add to cart; Heliconia Collinsiana $ … Some Examples. Great for a splash of colour in the garden - flowers prolifically in Summer through to late Autumn. Site design and development by Janne Nilsson, Heliconia bihai x Caribaea 'Black Cherry', Heliconia bihai x Caribaea 'Hot Rio Nights', Heliconia bihai x Caribaea 'Richmond Red', Heliconia chartacea x platystachys 'Extra Sexy Pink', Heliconia psittacorum x marginata 'Nickeriensis' (Nicky), Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata 'African Dawn', Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata 'Daintree', Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata 'Golden Torch', Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata 'Tropics'. Nice upright and tidy growth habit. Heliconias come in a range of styles and sizes. This is another small one, reaching only 1-2m. A spectacular feature plant with mostly unusual coloured bracts. Commercial quantities available Heliconias- Alan Carle, Tropicana and a Red flowering variety, Galangal (Thai Ginger), Cala Lillies, Dracaena and cordyline cuttings (60-90cm) available. Here are some of the most popular the more cold tolerant ones with an (c). The stems and undersides of the leaves have a white waxy coating. A nice feature plant in a warm sheltered position. Soft pink bracts with cream base and dark green lip. Non-invasive clumping varieties at competitive prices for screens, windbreaks, garden ornamentals, timber and shoots. A great landscaping plant. There's a wide range of heliconia varieties, including some that grow to tree-like proportions, but the more common types typically stay around 4 to 6 feet tall. This will give you quite a different flower with characteristics from both parents. Amazing Gingers, Heliconia's, Zingiber's, and more.. Buy Direct via EMAIL simply send us your order, we'll contact you back on the phone and take a credit card payment and ship you your Bare Rooted Rhizomes, via Australia post. Flowers From Summer through to Autumn. Bihai Varieties. (quarantine applies to some areas so … Massive golden bracts with red splotches all unusual looking heliconia. Clean upright waxy white stems and dark green foliage. It's a clumping variety, meaning that the bottom of the plant will stay contained within its area. OPEN 7 DAYS     |     A stunning psittacorum with bright yellow and pink flowers. A small heliconia with dark green foliage and yellow and white flowers. A vigorous grower with a tight clumping and upright habit. At the other end of the scale are varieties like ‘Richmond Red’ and ‘Barbados Flat’, both reaching up to 5m. Heliconia sold as rhizome root sections. Closer to home, they cant be beat for providing fantastic foliage and bright color in tropical and subtropical gardens. Orange / yellow flowers. Tropifleur is particularly renowned in the heliconia world for it's ability to deal with strong wind. The form great back drops and screens with the large upright leaves. May 7, 2019 - Heliconia bihai 'Claw I' - A great landscaping plant with bright red bracts with dark green lips and tips. Scientific and Common Plant Names with growing and care notes. In coastal Queensland, they are easy to grow if you can keep the water up and have a good microclimate. Please note that Plants Heliconia bihai cv. Absolutely striking flowers - great for flower arrangements. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Long pendulous bracts. There are numerous species and varieties to choose from, from the low growing ‘Jamaican Dwarf’ to varieties like ‘Hot Rio Nights’ which can reach a height of 5 metres and just about all sizes in between. Heliconia, genus of nearly 200 species of flowering plants of the family Heliconiaceae. 'Sexy Red' which has a pendular or hanging flower. A beautiful 'almost white' psittacorum. Claw I | Bamboo Land Nursery QLD Australia Open 7 days - 8am to 5pm A great under-story plant in tropical gardens. Heliconias come in a range of styles and sizes. A fantastic landscaping plant - lush green foliage, tight clumping and upright growth habit, topped with chunky bright coloured orangy red bracts with yellow edges. Bracts of orange going to deep red, sometimes splotchy. Heliconia bihai cv. The psittacorum with the most red in the flowers. Lasts well, but doesn’t like cold temperatures even when cut –it will turn black. Great landscaping plant and cut flower. bamboo, lillypillies. Hide that fence or block out those next door neighbours fast – in ideal conditions, Heliconias will grow 3-4m per year!! A great smaller sized heliconia for pots or under-story filler. A good … Smaller varieties such as Tangerine, Nicky and Sassy grow to 1-1.5m and have smaller, more delicate flowers. Photo of flower yet to come. All of the eastern coast of Queensland, northern stretches of New South Wales, and most areas of humid Northern Territory and Western Australia are perfect for heliconia growing - the only requirement is selection of the right cultivars. Like most strictas, growth is fairly open clumping. Heliconia psittacorum (Parrot’s Beak, or Parrot’s Flower) Heliconia rostrata ... Australia's finest bamboo display gardens. Worldwide shipping. The single genus Heliconia has perhaps 225 species (only 180 have so far been described) that are distributed primarily in the neotropics.Heliconia has been variously associated with the banana family or the bird-of-paradise family, but is now placed in its own family Heliconiaceae. Pictures are from my garden. A popular variety that does well in these conditions is Heliconia ‘Red Christmas’. 126 likes. The multi-coloured flowers are held high above the foliage, producing a spectacular display when mass planted. Although most Heliconias do well in full sun, there are a few which thrive in shade or part sun. A great landscaping plant with bright red bracts with dark green lips and tips. Like many of the orthotrichas, the surface of the bracts have fine velvety hairs. Red bracts going to yellow and then to green at the lip. Zones 10-12 are excellent for heliconias. Popular Heliconia Varieties include. Heliconia bihai x caribaea, Hot Rio Nites This is one of the tallest Heliconias, with a very large red/pink flower. In the North, heliconias are perfect for adding tropical flair as annuals or container garden plants. A cold tolerant heliconia with pendulous red bracts. A prolific flowering psittacorum which displays a fantastic show of colour for most of the year. Orangy-red bracts with wide yellow edges. Heliconia, derived from the Greek word Ἑλικώνιος (helikṓnios) [citation needed], is a genus of flowering plants in the monotypic family Heliconiaceae.Most of the ca 194 known species are native to the tropical Americas, but a few are indigenous to certain islands of the western Pacific and Maluku. Nice clean upright growth habit. A widely cultivated heliconia which usually produces vast amounts of pendulous flowers up to 0.5 meters long. Gingers and heliconias perth western australia, Beechboro. Showing 1–16 of 18 results Heliconia Chartacea Sexy Pink $ 48.95. The dark burgundy bracts contrasting against the pale waxy white stems makes this plant a fantastic ornamental and landscaping plant. Zone 9 is fine for all except the ultra tropical species. Chocolate Dancer | Bamboo Land Nursery QLD Australia Great cut flower and pot plant. Flowers during Spring and Summer. Requires a nice warm sheltered position to grow well. A good landscaping plant and cut flower. A-Z List and Australian Plant Finder. Picture a lush tropical garden and I bet the image you conjure up will include heliconias and gingers. Waxy white stems and undersides of leaves with long, pendulous bracts of orange and red. They are well loved in the warmer areas of the world for their spectacularly exotic flowers and lush, upright foliage. It flowers freely in sun or part shade and is about 2m tall. Chunky red bracts with dark green lips (usually with some yellow in between). Peter lists some of his favourite Heliconias: 'Bucky', an upright, erect creeping Heliconia with new rhizomes that can emerge up to three to 500mm away from the existing plant. A small heliconia with relatively large flowers. A truly spectacular heliconia. A heliconia found throughout the Daintree rainforest. Great as cut flowers. A relatively easy to grow and cold tolerant heliconia. Youve seen them, even if you didnt know what they were called. Heliconias are the ultimate exotic flowers, starring in arrangements in tropical hotels around the globe and as far away as outer space on television, anyway; heliconias greeted intergalactic ambassadors on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Mostly red bracts, with some yellow going to lime green on distal lip and tip. Gardening Australia podcasts. A smaller heliconia with small, pointy, upright flowers, resembling that of a spear. Very attractive flowers with bright red bracts with cream base and dark green lip. Our customers find them useful plants to provide dense screening in a hurry. A yellow and pink psittacorum - both flowers and foliage is usually a bit smaller than the other psittacorums. A psittacorum with bright golden bracts with a slightly red tinge. Stays in quite compact clumps. A good landscaping plant. Guadalope has a slightly runny habit … Fresh seeds at fair prices. Bare rooted heliconia rhizomes for sale, varieties include psittacorums, Andromeda, Golden Torch, Daintree and Sassy. Please note that Plants Great for cut flowers and as a landscaping plant. Heliconia psittacorum x spathocirinata 1) Daintree 2) Lady Di Also available: Pale Pink & Petranova *Psittacorums are a vigorous clumping Heliconia growing up to 1.5 metres. Some varieties are much more hardier and can take cooler temperatures. Best in protected spots with a little bit of shade. Orangy-red bracts with a thin yellow stripe under dark green lip. Bracts are pastel red toward the tips, fading to peach at the base. A great landscaping plant. Great filler in tropical gardens. Chocolate coloured bracts with yellow lips and green tips. An outstanding landscaping plant and also one of the largest heliconias. Bright red bracts with green tips. Large upright flowers with mostly red bracts with yellow bases and green lip. At best Brisbane represents the extremes of the heliconia world. Another unusual winter flowering Heliconia is called 'Holiday', with its red bracts and white flowers. We often stock advanced specimens too, so come on down and reclaim that privacy without the wait. Great cut flower and pot plant. The Yellow Dancer is one of the more cold tolerant heliconia species. Fantastic dark cherry-red bracts makes this heliconia a great ornamental and landscaping plant. So choose one that suits your particular growing area, ask your nursery for guidance. Varieties. These large perennial herbs have brightly colored bracts and bear numerous flowers. Most species are found in tropical America, with a few native to certain islands of the western Pacific. A hardy heliconia which is a bit more cold tolerant than most of the large heliconias. 8AM - 4PM     |     A nice landscaping plant in tropical gardens. Stunning long-lasting cut flowers are a big bonus. Moderately invasive growth habit. A cold hardy heliconia with long thin bright yellow bracts. While most grow to around 3-4m, there are sizes either side of that too.

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