Can A Vegan Gain Weight? -
In this article, we share tips on how you can use the vegan diet to add weight and you can do this without sacrificing your ethics or tastes.
Can A Vegan Gain Weight?
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Can A Vegan Gain Weight?

How A Vegan Can Gain Weight

When most people talk about the vegan diet, they often relate it to weight loss for those looking to lose the weight. Rarely will you hear about vegan diets for gaining weight. The vegan diet is good for everybody; all body types and all ages. This means that you can reach your ultimate weight goals with a vegan diet whether you want to shed off a few pounds or gain them.

In this article, we share tips on how you can use the vegan diet to add weight and you can do this without sacrificing your ethics or tastes.

  1. Go heavy on the nuts

Almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios are all packed with fat and protein. You can season them with salt, add a little wasabi or even mix them with your favorite dark choc chips and dried fruit. You can also mix them into your smoothies or go heavy on the nut butter when making your sandwich.  However, you like them, taking more amounts of nuts will help you add some weight without compromising your vegan lifestyle integrity.

  1. Midnight snacking

Ideally, we are advised to keep off midnight snacking because when sleeping our bodies metabolic rate goes down and so we are not able to burn as many calories. However, if you want to add weight, snacking on fat, carbs, and protein-rich snacks before bed will come in handy. Indulge in whole grain chips or toast, homemade hummus, chips with guacamole, or apple with peanut butter.

  1. Find out which vegan foods are fatty

Only a few vegan foods are sources of fat. They include nuts, avocados, oils, and seeds. To take full advantage, ensure that you consume these high-fat foods every single day. For instance, instead of snacking on an apple during the day, why not eat an avocado seasoned with chili and salt? Or perhaps a tempeh or a tofu stir-fry for dinner. Seeds are also rich in calorie filled nutrients so sprinkle some hemp, chia or flaxseeds on your breakfast oatmeal.

  1. Be clever about beans

Legumes are a rich source of protein and vitamins but if you want to add some weight, they are best paired with a grain. For instance, rice and beans cooked in coconut milk are not only yummy but calorie rich.

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  1. Load up on liquids

To increase your calorie intake, load up on smoothies and drinks that are easy to consume. Silken tofu is a great base for fruit smoothies, which are high in fat and protein. Rich coconut milk or chocolate soy is a great calorie-rich treat as well as a good source of protein. And when making your smoothies, remember you can toss in some nut butter or chia seeds to make it richer.

Remember the main reason why we go vegan is to realize optimal health while enjoying good food. So as you try to take in as many calories as possible in your weight gain journey, be mindful of how much you’re consuming because too much of anything is not good.