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 Discover The 5 Best Non-Dairy Milk Healthy Alternatives For Vegans If you are a member of the vegan community you know that we do not take milk and any dairy biproducts as well...

Are you having a hard time finding a quality replacement for eggs in your favorite dishes? As a vegan, consuming eggs may be out of the question, but then again, you miss...

Can You Enjoy A Glass Of Wine As A Vegan When You Hang Out With Friends? Is Wine Vegan Or Not? Find Out Are you a wine enthusiast, and you are wondering whether...

Best Phone Apps in 2018 for Vegans In the past, we often had it rough, not enough knowledge of the vegan lifestyle. Sure, it was easy if you prepared your own food, but...

Seaweed isn’t just for sushi anymore, as seaweed and other sea plants are growing in popularity because they’re sustainable to cultivate, harvest, and use in a wide range of food products. The...