Best Vegan Documentaries -
These are some of the best vegan documentaries but there are many more out there and a quick online search will give you a longer list.
Best Vegan Documentaries
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best vegan documentaries

Best Vegan Documentaries

There are times when we have to see something for ourselves so as to realize how urgent it is. Documentaries provide a platform for us to learn through observation. Many documentaries on veganism have been filmed and influenced many people’s decision to become vegans. In this article, we have shared some of these documentaries most of which are available online for your preview.

  1. Cowspiracy

This is a documentation of Kip Andersen a filmmaker, trying to uncover the reality behind animal rearing and how it links to climate destruction. Kip carries out interviews and meetings with a number of personalities and reveals how dairy, meat and seafood rich diets are associated with massive levels of pollution, deforestation, extinction of species, habitat loss as well as other environmental anomalies. This film is by far one of the best vegan documentaries of all times to ever be produced. The facts and figures presented are accurate and astonishing at the same time.

Why Being Vegan Is Good For The Environment

  1. Forks over Knives

This documentary is said to have influenced Rusell Brand into becoming a vegan. It showcases a surplus of verifiable info and study results on the benefits of living on a plant-based diet. It follows researchers on their mission to understand how veganism can be key in managing and even treating a good number of the modern day diseases. If you suffer from a chronic illness or know someone who does, this would be a great movie to help persuade one to turn vegan.

Type II Diabetes and the Vegan Diet

  1. Earthlings

Reviews show that this is one of the most difficult yet necessarily vegan documentaries to add to your watch list. It is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix a renowned actor and vegan. It is a compilation of scenes some of them from farms, which show how animals are killed during slaughter. Many have termed it as thought-provoking and controversial. It brings out the issue of animal suffering and poses the question of how do we connect our economic interests to issues of power and suffering of animals? This movie is said to have persuaded Ellen DeGeneres into converting to veganism from vegetarianism.

  1. Plantpure Nation

This documentary highlights how a lot of information needed on the scientific healing power of plant-based foods and how the need for this scientific data often clashes with the interests of high powered petitioners who do not want this information to reach their consumers. This film also examines farmers’ topical issues, modern medicine, food deserts, and the difficulty of having plant-based nutrition integrated into political processes.

  1. Vegucated

This documentary follows three fervent cheese and meat eaters from New York, who agree to live with vegans for six weeks. As they get introduced into the vegan diet and lifestyle and get first-hand exposure to the shocking truths of animal agriculture, a big shift takes place and you’ll be surprised to see how great the shift is.

These are some of the best vegan documentaries but there are many more out there and a quick online search will give you a longer list.

A more recent documentary also worth checking out for instance is What The Health.