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best vegan apps 2018

Best 2018 Phone Apps for Vegans

Best Phone Apps in 2018 for Vegans

In the past, we often had it rough, not enough knowledge of the vegan lifestyle. Sure, it was easy if you prepared your own food, but what about packaged food from the nearest convenient store? Finding critical information on whether most of these packaged foods were vegan-savvy was a daunting task. However, it’s 2018, and with the advent of mobile telecommunications, our phones are more than just communication devices, they are also a resource of useful tools, courtesy of smartphones software developers who have not forgotten our plight and developed outstanding apps to assist us in our vegan lifestyle.

Now we can easily discover the nearest vegan restaurant and if we want to prepare a meal, we can look up at plant-based recipes and we are good to go. Moreover, we can use the barcode scanning app on packaged foods and get the entire details including the ingredients! Being a vegan in 2018 has never been easier.

Here are some of the amazing vegan apps we can exploit to smoothen our vegan lifestyle.

  • Happy Cow

Considered by most adherents to be the original vegan traveler’s guide, Happy Cow’s website and corresponding app developed have proven to be an invaluable resource for years. Covering over 183 countries, Happy Cow remains one of the best ways to find vegan food with its helpful info on vegan restaurants, markets, and more.

  • Forks Over Knives

Another must-have vegan app from the makers of the documentary Forks Over Knives, this app provides users with detailed vegan food recipes, and subsequent health benefits including reduced risk and reversal of chronic ailments like diabetes and hormonal dysfunctions.

  • Vanilla Bean

Merely two years old, this amazing mobile app from Germany already lists over 16,000 restaurants and cafes all over the US. The beauty of this app is that it not only lists vegan-friendly options but also gluten-free and raw options. One-for-all apps like these are simply the best.

  • Food Monster

Another recipe app from One Green Planet, this app is totally free and features over nearly ten thousand vegan and allergy-friendly recipes. Moreover, with new and improved recipes getting added daily, you won’t lack trying something new every day.

  • Greger’s Daily Dozen

Accompanying the groundbreaking book from Dr. Greger, How Not to Die, this app lists most healthy foods and how much content we should be serving each day.

  • vegEMOJI

Just like the name suggests, this app, designed by Lil B for Follow Your Heart, features adorable emoji of vegan foods, slogans, and more!

  • Yelp

Yelp is a review site that lists vegan-friendly restaurants in your area. All you need is to input the location and voilà! You have both recommendations and honest feedback on a restaurant and the menu items.

  • Meetup

Now, this is different from the food and recipe apps, but is a must have for vegans. Meetup gives you the opportunity to meet new people, more so vegans! You can easily find like-minded individuals through the app in your local area. Moreover, you can start your own meetup session and gather followers.

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