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are takis vegan

Are Takis Vegan?

Let’s be candid. It is not easy to navigate through a vegan lifestyle. The vegan world can be complicated. If you have noticed, animal-based ingredients are commonplace in nearly everything and sometimes this may not be clear on the label. Therefore, decoding what is vegan and what is not can feel impossible at times especially when it comes to snacks. As a vegan, you probably go around asking yourself whether the snack you want to enjoy is vegan or not. Fortunately for you is that everything can be made vegan with a few simple substitutes.

You can find substitutes for your favorite foods at a health store or restaurant. Similarly, you can find vegan snacks.


Takis are a favorite snack for all people, both vegans and non-vegans. However, most vegans will always question the authenticity of takis as vegan snacks. Fortunately for them, takis are actually vegan. If you haven’t had takis before then these are crunchy corn chips made from tortillas that have been rolled up, deep fried and doused in seasoning. The ingredients used for takis are very free of animal products.

But as with everything, there is a catch. There are some seasonings sprinkled on the takis that are animal-based. For instance, some seasonings contain whey, cheese powder and chicken fat. Therefore, you need to careful read the ingredients before you start crunching down your pack of takis.

The general rule is that fiery taki flavors like Takis Fuego and Takis Nitro are vegan friendly. Those are certain to have no trace amounts of animal-derived ingredients. Then there is the zesty combination of chili peppers and lime which will satisfy your vegan crunch cravings. The other flavors like Takis Salsa Brava and Takis Zombie are also vegan.

Flavors like Takis Xplosion are not completely vegan because the seasonings on the takis contain animal ingredients like casein, cheese and chicken. Likewise, the guacamole and crunchy fajita flavors are seasoned with animal-based ingredients.

All taki flavors are made in one factory. As a result, it is possible to have same traces of whey or cheese powder which may have come into contact with a vegan chip.

The general rule when it comes to determining whether a food is vegan or not is to check the label and the ingredients. For instance, when you look for allergens on the label, you can tell whether a food is vegan or not. Many people tend to be allergic to milk and eggs and companies will disclose when foods contain dairy even if it is not obvious.

The next time you want to enjoy a vegan snack, go for a vegan taki flavor. You have plenty of options to choose from. Who said that vegans have no snack options? Though the choice of vegan snacks may be limited, there are still a variety of snacks that are vegan friendly. If you are considering the vegan life and questioning your readiness to enjoy a pack of takis, then wonder no more.

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