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A Vegan Tattoo- Is It Worth It?

Tattoos are a popular form of body art. People get tattoos for various reasons. Some is to show their love and others their stand about some issues concerning life such as veganism. In considering a new tattoo to show your vegan lifestyle or for any other reason, it is expected that you will ask your questions about whether the tattoo industry is vegan-friendly.

Many people never think about what tattoo products are made of and fail to realize that the inks, equipment and aftercare options are manufactured with animal derived products and by-products. So as a vegan, you might find yourself with a permanent mark that beats the whole point of your commitment to veganism.

Tattoos are considered non-vegan because of the products used in making the inks. One ingredient used in inks is glycerin which is derived from animal fats. Glycerin is used as a stabilizer. Sometimes, it is used together with gelatin and bone char especially for black inks in order to provide increased pigment. While the ink is what is used for the tattoo, the main issue arises from the equipment and aftercare products that are used within the tattoo process.

For instance, the stencil papers are made from lanolin which is a substance obtained from sheep’s wool. Second are the recommended aftercare products and even disposable razors. These products that are usually provided by the tattoo are not vegan friendly. Take for instance razors. Razor strips may contain animal derived glycerin. Glycerin is also contained in aftercare soaps. In addition, the balms contain lanolin and beeswax.

In a nutshell, everything about tattoos is anti-vegan.

Fortunately, there are many vegan-friendly alternatives available. Furthermore, they are affordable and very accessible. Today, there are more and more vegan tattoo artists and parlors coming up around the world.

How you can make your vegan tattoo experience worth it

Vegan-friendly tattoo studios exist that ensure everything including the inks, hand sanitizers and other equipment used are vegan and cruelty-free. As a vegan, your experience will be less stressful. However, you ought to be careful with black inks. In order to increase pigmentation, these inks use a lot of animal products. You must also be on the lookout for details.

  • Go for green soap
  • Make sure there are no gel strips on the razors used
  • Use petroleum jelly instead of A&D ointment which contains lanolin or cod liver oil


Make sure you shop for the right shop. There are many tattoo studios but not all understand the idea of cruelty-free tattooing. Do your research before you settle on any tattoo artist and make sure they understand the basics of cruelty-free tattooing.

When getting a vegan tattoo, think about the design. Remember that you will have it for a lifetime so you want to have something meaningful especially if you want a tattoo to honor your lifestyle.

A vegan tattoo is worth it. As with every other tattoo, the vegan tattoo is permanent. You only have to make sure that your artist understands the basics of vegan tattoo products and how to use them on you.

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