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2019- The Year of Veganism

Veganism has never been so popular in recent years as it is in 2019. The number was only 3.4% in 2015 but it is speculated to increase this year. People have shown interest in a lifestyle that eschews meat and leather and all other animal products. You can expect that veganism is going mainstream in the American population. A large number of the vegan population are Americans of the ages of 25 to 34.

As many more people begin to embrace veganism, the business of providing vegan meals is booming. For instance, McDonald’s started selling vegan burgers. Fast food chains are really chasing on the whole vegan lifestyle. The sales of vegan foods has increased 10 times more than food sales in whole. No wonder, giant food firms are now creating their own vegan lines or buying startups that have vegan lines or doing both. Big Meat, Tyson Foods and Beyond Meat are just some of the firms which have invested a great deal in vegan lines.

It is not only the private firms that are creating foods for vegans. The public sector is joining the bandwagon as well. For instance, the school district of Los Angeles has even started serving vegan meals in all schools. Besides schools, hospitals have also been encouraged to introduce vegan meals.

Even with that said, some national governments are still not appreciating the value of veganism. However, there are chances of a change since the European Commission begins the process of formally defining what counts as vegan or vegetarian.

If you love meat and you have a problem letting it go, then you don’t have to worry if you want to go vegan. Today’s vegan firms are making meat substitutes that not only look like meat but also taste like it. Can you imagine that the patties produced by Beyond Meat have blood made from beetroot juice? A Dutch firm has also joined the vegan movement by producing vegan steaks which were on supermarket shelves on June. In a week, 40,000 of the vegan steaks were sold out. The entry of Unilever into the vegan market has come as good news to all people interested in trying out the vegan diet in 2019. Unilever acquired the Vegetarian Butcher as vegan junk food continues to become mainstream and replaces traditional meat-based staples of many fast-food menus. Vegetarian Butcher has a cult-like following of vegans because of its plant-based burgers, nuggets and hotdogs. Unilever is moving towards healthier plant-based foods which have lower environmental impact. Recently, the fast food KFC chain rolled out its vegan burger referred to as ‘The Imposter’ which accommodates the needs of both vegans and ‘meat-lovers’. This is all good news for a vegan.

There are hopes of transformative technology that could produce plant-based ‘meats’. These ‘meats’ will improve the protein choices for vegans while preserving the environment and cutting the costs of food.

If you are thinking about starting your journey as a vegan, then you should be excited because every company and fast food is seeking to meet your needs. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice on what to eat or drink.

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